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"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor the comfort of well-fitting slacks."

-Robert Frost

You know the struggle; trying on pants in a dressing room that feels like a vacuum with stopped time, and seems to be getting that much smaller with every passing minute. Almost inevitably, frustration sets in and you sheepishly yet hurreidly toss the pile of pantaloons on the return rack, and cry "fie, fie, fie!" on your hips, thighs, and cankles all the way home. 

Deviating from the standard diet of denim requires the knowledge of a whole new set of cuts, lines, silhouettes, and movements;  there is surely a learning curve for a new dialect in the language of style. Walking into Goodwill a month ago, I wanted nothing more than a simple pair of black, loose trousers. Serendipitously, the first pair of pants I pulled off the rack was exactly what I'd been looking for (in the style of Lionel Richie). From the cinched elastic waist to the perfect darts on the front of the pants, I knew I'd need to amass more loose trousers and wear all of them before winter ended, stat. Finding a beautifully crafted pant is hard enough on its own, and as you breathe a satisfied purr under your breath, it hits - how does one style loose trousers for the winter? 

Alas, now you are presented with the second half of what you didn't know was a twofold obstacle, and you're frozen in your tracks, unsure of which way to turn. Fear not, because the beauty of loose items in winter is in the ability to wear layers of whatever underneath. And for the entire cold weather season thus far (aka the past week), bucking conventional winter dressing by opting for invisible (yet ridiculous - this outfit and many afterwards have had three pairs of leggings and three long sleeved cotton shirts underneath) layers to create a springtime feel has been my main sartorial objective. To acessorize, I decided a gold chain belt would be a pretty tie-in for otherwise matte neutral colors, and since these pants didn't actually need a belt (thanks to that perfectly cinched waist), I decided on a subtle belt-loop draping situation. A flowy longline cardigan provided motion that would not have existed were the slightly more structured jacket and pants left as is. 

But its still cold, kids, so if a faux fur collar is the only winter accessory you need to don for full coverage, do it*. Much better than having the sniffles and a raspy voice for weeks on end. 

*Because no one in their right mind would consider grandpa sweaters to be an accessory, so much as the main course.

photos & editing by:  Khadijat Yussuff

Forever 21- Hat, Belt, Flip-Up Sunglasses

H&M - Ankle Boots
eBay - Longline Cardigan
ShopJeen - Scarf
Etsy - Sweater
Thrifted - Trousers, Jacket