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 Looking towards the Spring season provides long-overdue comfort when it comes to braving what has now become a legitimate polar vortex in the North; nonstop rain, snow, and grey-black slush threaten the vibrancy of my personal style, and, as obsessed as I am with wardrobe, my go-to therapy is of the retail variety. 
Unfortunately (or fortunately enough) retail therapy isn't always the best option for space, consumerism, or the wallet. The next best thing, then, was to find a way of curating a seasonal wardrobe from pieces I already owned, and to have a means of displaying them in the clearest manner possible. Enter this Home Depot-sourced contraption of sorts, purchased for a whopping $9 on a whim. Brand showrooms with their minimalist displays, perfect lighting, and killer 'grams? I had to have the vibe, the look, and most importantly, a fresh new perspective on my own closet for Spring 2015. 
Fake it 'till you make it, some might say; au contraire, I rebut. Taking time to creatively organize small things (accessories, attire, meals) allows for a better understanding and appreciation of the quieter moments and possessions in life, as well as silently fueling and augmenting the well of resourcefulness that many of us would otherwise rarely tap into.
It is appropriate, then, that this collection of prints, textures, and colors is quite apt for preparing for the vibes of the upcoming spring season.

And as far as ulterior motives go, well, do it for the 'gram.

ASOS Alphabet Print Joggers - Goodwill Trousers - NastyGal Mesh Dress, Colorblocked Blouse, Cardigan and Moto Jacket - Clover Canyon Midi Dress -  Co. by CottonOn Oversized Jacket - H&M Fuzzy Jacket - GoJane Mint Flats, Peach Blouse & Pastel Midi Skirt - Jeffrey Campbell Tardy shoes - Femi Boutique Strappy Sandals