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Time and time again, I've contemplated stripping my wardrobe down to black, and my accessories down to gold. Indeed, that is my go-to combo for lazy days, errand days, most weekdays, and, hell, I'm swathed in an XXL men's black zip up hoodie with gold zippers at this very moment. For this look, however, the integration of this metallic grey blouse added visual depth that beautifully offset the overwhelming black drapery and mixed metallic trousers.

But alas, in the face of 9 degree whiplash, visual depth is not nearly so useful as density of attire. And dense it was. Three pairs of leggings and two scoopneck tops later, the cold still seeped in through the stitches; the obvious solution, of course, was to employ the assistance of this obscenely  large and cumbersome piece of  fabric.    

Look 1: Grey Silk Blouse - Goodwill / / Black & Gold Trousers - Luxx Boutique (local thrift boutique) / / Jewelry - Forever 21, eBay / / Bowler Hat - H&M

I've almost never experimented with loose, drapey attire, and true to my sartorial tendencies, accent belting and practical headwear curbed this square cloth's enthusiasm upon meeting the windy chill of the Northeast. 


Luckily, the slightly sinister connotation of large, fluttering black capes wasn't lost on passersby, though "mystic philosophizing nun" was probably closer to these looks' vibes. Either way, the combinations of fitted sophistication and anti-wind coverups flipped the proverbial bird at the coats that swathed customers in marshmallow fluff, and at the pristine, structural pieces that I simply couldn't afford this season.
"What's cooler than being cool?" a certain philosopher once asked. NOT being ice cold, and this cool cat's street cred.
Look 2: Flower Crown - Etsy / / Beaded Sweatshirt - H&M / / Blue Leather Skirt - Avalon Exchange / / Belt - Forever 21