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To shoot this super casual, vaguely festive look (at a time when sub-zero temperatures held the hope of snowy Christmas festivities), Kristin and I tried our hardest to bundle up. That day, it seems, we were both trying new things: Kristin masterfully taking a street-style approach with her photography, and I trying out a more casual, everyday outfit combo. Before settling on my large piece of fabric as appropriate winterwear, I was trying to figure out the best way to at least create the illusion of masterful winter layering.

The surprisingly cohesive mishmash of textures and pattern seems to have inspired a new creative direction for my personal aesthetics (which I'd like to tentatively describe as being a visual assault*, of sorts). It's also reflective, I think, of the branching out of my closet's color scheme into neutral territory this past chill season, and I couldn't ask for a better location than this all-mirrored building Kristin suggested. Coupled with the setting sun and the deceptively clear skies that come with biting cold, this look's details really came to life.

As far as accessories go, I've never really been much of a bag lady. I much prefer light travel and pockets on pockets to adding real weight to my frame on an everyday excursion. That being said, there is sometimes a special item that will make you rethink your entire style philosophy, or at the very least, become an exception to the rule.This beautifully structured, minimalist standout piece by Beau + Ashe is the stuff of dreams. Lately, the brand seems to constantly be sneaking itself into my Shoedazzle cart, and right onto my shoe and bag shelves. Finally understanding the feeling of finding pieces that speak directly to the very core of one's being, and then having one (affordable!) brand repeatedly hit you right in the feels is a bit overwhelming and also quite exciting. I proudly identify as a Beau + Ashe girl, no hesitation.

*Not of the same vein of visual assault as #thedress. As you can clearly see, this outfit is white and gold and black and blue. 

photos: Kristin Vermilya
editing:  Khadijat Yussuff

Forever 21- Headphones, White Sweater

H&M - Beaded Sweatshirt, Fuzzy Cardgan
eBay - Earcuff, White Ankle Boots
Etsy - Veiled Beaie
Thrifted - Trousers