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If you'll forgive my increasingly frequent quips about the weather here in good ol' Steel City, I'd like to make it known that I am flat out stumped. Discombobulated, even. What do you do when the weather app is quoting a balmy 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you're standing in what feels like 50 degrees with windchill, and   there's no sign of the barren wasteland typical of the Northern winter? 

Whip out bralettes to wear as shirts, especially when paired with not one, but two pieces of complimentary outerwear for a wardrobe transition  speedy and effective as the cold that nips at even the most stylish of toes. 

The casual look is one that I have yet to master, though I am slowly beginning to understand its allure. Unable to feel an outfit complete without the unquestionably necessary punctuation of finery, this oversized bib necklace (and my favorite gold bracelet-cum-hand chain) added a touch of luxury to an ensemble meant for paying rent, picking up laundry and cat supplies, then hunkering down till the wee hours of the morning, bleary-eyed and  plunk-plunkity-click-plunk-ing away at a white bluetooth keyboard.
The Wang aesthetic is one that has been widely celebrated since its debut in 2007 for capturing the essence of the urban (New York) woman, in style, simplicity, and comfort. A NYC native myself, I understood the appropriate furor over his tailoring, silhouettes, and ingenuity. Not considering myself one of those girls he was designing for, however (I mean, seriously, my personality's not yet suited for the perfectly tailored look), I was more than surprised to find my heartbeat accelerated at the mention of an H&M collaboration.This being my favorite affordable piece in the collection that wasn't sold out by the time I checked out my cart, I was quite anxious to wear it, even if it was the middle of a very confused and harsh winter.

I'd always been a little jealous of Wang's (and the Olsens') girls, able to shut down a room in the seemingly simplest of looks, made up on individual pieces that themselves are uniquely and impeccably made, such that the ensemble entire must exceed any preconceived notions of perfection -- no try-hards allowed. This bra was my chance to try on the persona of the confident (but rarely flashy), stylishly busy modern city-dwelling femme on for size. Dressing myself bra-first, the entire look ended up being about as modern and sporty as the brand is known for, laced with my penchant for slightly dramatic statement pieces. 
Conclusion? Simple pieces are most often versatile, and versatility means that the item in question can be personalized. Dressing like a Wang girl isn't a forced process, nor is it even remotely the donning of a persona as I'd previously imagined; there is ample room to let one's own personality shine through, truly giving the brand's workmanship full claim over fashion's collective personal style everydaywear. 

*More like #WAYlatergram - this was way back in December or so.