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"Future Correspondence"
Unblurred Crafternoon Residency with Assemble PGH

June 2021

"Future Correspondence is Khadijat Yussuff's exploration of the types of messaging the 8 year old version of their-self - who was just learning about the anti-black and otherwise harmful systems of the Western world, and their presumed place within it - might have wished they had been given. As is necessary when reflecting on the past Khadijat is thinking about how this new person, almost two decades removed from that past, can help ease the burden society has placed on children who look like them and lived like them in the present and future."

For this residency, I spent a month working in a studio space set up within Assemble to be in full view of passersby. I tufted a very common symbol found often in my childhood (public transportation and building signs come to mind), mounted it onto a board wrapped in mylar, and projected ENTER/EXIT animations onto the finished piece via lasers. I used IldaViewer and LaserBoy to create the animation frames, convert them to .ild format, and upload them to the laser itself.

Queer Multimedia Artist Residency with TrueT Studios x CRC Pgh

December 2020 - March 2021

"Taylor Waits of Change Rape Culture along with Duane Binion of True T have a vision for folks who identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or Artist of Color who wish to creatively express their identity through their work and what it means to them...the two candidates were selected by both organizations for a new program seeking to elevate, empower, and uplift Black Queer multimedia artists in Pittsburgh."

Click here to read the artists' interviews.

For this residency, I created a virtual DJ and VJ experience best experienced with VR goggles. Used primarily Cinema4D to create the room, some 3D elements are downloaded from CGTrader and Turbosquid, and some I modeled myself. Click here to experience the full mix in 360.

Album Cover + Song for Encaustic Collective's Buk the System Compilation Album

July 2020

Encaustic Collective, a collective of interdisciplinary artists, asked me design the 3D cover art and submit an original track (Prayer to Iku) for the Buk the System compilation album. Released in support of the Bukit Bail Fund, all proceeds from this project go towards aiding the organization in their support for on-the-ground protestors.
To read more about the process behind these visual and auditory pieces, click here.

Mastering by Ali Berger
Album artwork by Khadijat Yussuff
Organized by Jessica Fuquay and Samir Gangwani

Neo-Binary: Gender Lanscape Installation for Longturn Music w/ Annie Errez

December 2019

Created a one-night immersive installation exploring the agender and pangender identities as a new measure of gender binary. Using materials that exist specifically to emulate nature or reality (fake grass + flowers, 3D hologram projector), I was able to reconcedptualize how the current view of gender can be expanded upon.
Video and artwork by Khadijat Yussuff. Music by Annie Errez.

Kelly Strayhorn Theater's #WithUS Campaign

October 2019

Kelly Strayhorn Theater's Creative and Social Impact Fellow, Brendon J. Hawkins, asked me to photograph highlighted artists for the #WithUS campaign that was run on social media.

Artist photography: Khadijat Yussuff
Artists: Damon Young, Beth Barbis, Jordan Howard

Event Content Development for Bike Pittsburgh's 6th Annual Women and Non-Binary Forum

April 2019

Designed print and digital materials (poster, trifolds, as well as event signage and a takeaway infographic) for Bike Pittsburgh's 6th Annual Women and Non-Binary Forum sponsored by Dollar Bank and hosted at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh on April 6th, 2019.

Knotzland x The Market at Macy's Campaign

November 2018

Knotzland CEO Nisha Blackwell asked me to join the campaign team as the photographer for their Facebook Small Business pop-up at The Market at Macy's in Lenox Mall. Along with stylist Imani Jahaan and videographers Njaimeh Njie and Morgan Moody, we worked together as a team over the course of six weeks to build a diverse and representative multimedia campaign for the shop. I also worked closely with Nisha on select bowtie designs for the collection.

Model photography: Khadijat Yussuff
Styling: Imani Jahaan
Product photography: Knotzland
Videography: Njaimeh Njie and Morgan Moody

Participation In The Glow Up Group Exhibition at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

November 2018

Exhibited in Max "GEM5" Gonzalez & Jerome Chu's LIFT Grant-sponsored POC group show, "The Glow Up," at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh on Nov. 9.
Sold a visual art piece entitled "Two Sisters," of a Montserrat and Banana Leaf. Krylon Spray Paint, glitter, and resin on foamboard.

Flyer design: Sakony Shakur Burton

A Fairer Sex
Debut Solo Exhibition at Pittsburgh Filmmakers

March 2018

"A Fairer Sex" is a series of framed photographic portraits highlighting a diverse array of women and their collective discourse on womanhood, solidarity, and other topics.

"In today's sociopolitical climate, womanhood is a hotly debated topic. It seems that it's everyone's job to define who qualifies as a woman, what a woman is capable of, or what a woman is allowed to do with her body- except the woman herself. This body of work is an open forum for women of different backgrounds to speak on their experiences and their visions for the future, freely and uninterrupted, through their words and intimate, surreal portraits. Topics include: equity and solidarity within the community of women and proposals for overcoming hurdles facing women or any of their subgroups."

NYFW : Portraits
Self-Published Photobook on Amazon

November 2017

In this vibrant 80-page collection of portraits, I've captured and curated images of some of the new movers and shakers of New York's Fashion Week, spanning 3 show circuits from 2016-2017.

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